“Big Renovations is sensational! After a four-month total renovation to our Gulf Shore Blvd. residence, I can say unequivocally that Jon Levy and the team at Big Renovation are sensational! They hit every deliverable in our contract, including a tough budget. I would use Big Renovation on any future project, and most importantly, I would recommend them to our friends and family. If you would like to see what Big Renovation did for us, just ask. We are proud to show off his work….

Jon Levy and his team are superstars in a most difficult business!!”

Susan and Regi P.

“Remodeling always has more surprises than new construction. As a Civil Engineer and founder of a large construction firm in Pittsburgh I have years of experience verifying this statement. To compound the problem, many Condo Association bylaws restrict remodeling construction time to the months from May to November.

BIG Renovations & Design managed all of these obstacles in an efficient and professional manner with a competent and cooperative field staff. We would recommend and utilize their services for any future needs without hesitation.”

Peter and Terry D.

“As homeowners, Karen & I have had experience with new construction as well as with remodeling of our New Jersey home and our first condominium in Naples. Our new condo renovation, however, was far beyond the scope of anything we ever attempted in the past. In retrospect, we were unbelievably fortunate to have chosen BIG Renovations for this project.

We had some idea of what we wanted — from visiting design centers and researching ideas on websites like Houzz — but the process made us dizzy. Big Renovations helped us to streamline the design process and delivered us our dream living space.”

Ed and Karen L.

“My husband and I could not be more pleased with BIG Renovations. They went above and beyond in every aspect of our project.

We spent one-and-a-half days choosing our materials and finishes and started the project at the end of May. BIG Renovations kept us in the loop the entire five months of construction with constant photos, emails, texts and phone calls. We never visited during construction and when we arrived in September the condo was done to perfection.

In addition to bragging about BIG Renovations to my friends and family, we would, without a doubt, use BIG Renovations for any future renovations projects

We give BIG Renovations an A+!”

Lee and Ageleke Z.

“We purchased a beachfront condo built in the early 1980s that was in its original condition. After interviewing several contractors we decided to use BIG Renovations. Our project required detailed architectural and design expertise and BIG Renovations had the experience and staff that was needed for the job.

Everyone was courteous and helpful and that made a huge difference. We are always proud to show our condo to other people and they have the same opinion. We would never use or recommend any other contractor moving forward.”

Ron and Joanna K.